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CNN Super typhoon Pepeng weather update

Hello guys, I'd like to share this video from CNN about Super Typhoon Pepeng weather update. It's getting really mean. I've even read somewhere that it's already under Category 5- Which means it's almost like Hurricane Katrina already. Manila will not Read More →

Weather update by CNN: Typhoon Pepeng to hit Philippines

Here's an update from CNN weather about the super typhoon parma that is about to hit the Philippines. This is really getting alarming, Typhoon in Philippines & Vietman, a tsunami in Samoa, a killer earthquake in Indonesia and now another Read More →

Typhoon Ondoy – Share your experience

What can I say? Typhoon Ondoy is a certified destroyer. Last time I checked the death count is already more than 70 and at least 40 people are missing. I hope it doesn't go any further than that. Anyways, I Read More →
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