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Cheap Philippine Travel Packages 2011 – Laguna Resorts

Here's my last post for Philippine Travel Packages this year. If you’re not into beaches this year because of tsunamis, giant squid and man-eating sharks, or whatever reasons you may think of, then renting a private pool with family Read More →

Cheap Philippine Travel Packages 2011 – Boracay

I’ve never been to Boracay, you might think I’m such a loser, but Boracay will always be there. Sooner or later I will have a chance to visit and enjoy its white sand with my wife yiheee!. Some people say Read More →

Cheap Philippine Travel Packages 2011

Are you planning for a summer getaway this 2011? Discover the islands of Palawan or do island hopping adventure in Zambales. I haven’t posted some cheap Philippine travel packages for a while but let me make it up to you guys. Read More →

SAGADA Travel Package

Hello Petiksters! I hope you had a good holiday-long-vacation-weekend last week hehe. To those of who are looking for another adventure here's one for you. Be sure to check our petiks Read More →
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