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How to prevent Google Chrome from Hijacking RSS Feeds

Google Chrome is becoming more and more famous because of its amazing features however there is this one feature which involves opening RSS feeds that the users are not very happy with. For us to better understand this, what does Read More →

How to put movies on iPad

Aside from the iPhone, iPad is my next favorite gadget from Apple. Apple really did a great job with this gadget because users can perform a lot of function through its applications like reading e-books, playing music and games, editing Read More →

Nikon D3100 Video Test – Duyan

I finally got my D3100 three months ago and still exploring what it can actually do aside from taking photos, obviously. I wanted to get the cannon 7D but that’s too pricey for a beginner like me. I think this Read More →

How to transfer music from iPhone to Galaxy S3

One of the major concerns when you are changing your phone is the transfer of your files, contacts, photos and music to your new phone. If you are an iPhone user and planning on changing your iPhone to a Samsung Read More →

How to convert pdf to word

How to convert pdf to word Sometimes in PDF files, there are some minor errors that we want to change. The problem is, we can’t edit a pdf file. We need to make it editable. Sounds strange? Hell no. There is Read More →

How to use Cydia

Cydia is the free App Store of jailbroken iPhones and iPod Touches. So first, before you can acquire this, you need to jailbreak your phone first with the corresponding jailbreaking software to your firmware. When jailbroken, Cydia already comes pre-installed to Read More →

How to put music on Samsung Galaxy S2

I’ve got to say that Samsung Galaxy S2’s 16GB internal memory is one of reason why it on of bestselling phones of Samsung. It is actually so generous of Samsung to offer this much internal memory for its users to Read More →

How to set song as ringtone on iPhone

I cannot imagine a day without using my iPhone. Not using my iPhone for a day is like not existing in the world for a day. Well this might be a little exaggerated but no music, internet, multimedia apps, text Read More →

Samsung Galaxy S3 Game Test – Asphalt 6 Adrenaline

On the first gameplay review we did last week on the galaxy s3, Need for speed shift seems to be the best racing game yet on this device. So I got to try Asphalt 6 Adrenaline to compare. The asphalt Read More →

How to fix water damaged iPhone

Did you know that water damage is not covered by the AppleCare? So be careful not to drop your iPhones or iPod Touch in the water because Mac cannot help you with that. Not only for iPhones but I guess Read More →
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