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15 HTC One tips that you probably didn’t know

So, you think you have explored your HTC One? Try these tips and tricks we have compiled. I'm sure there is at least one that you're not aware of. Here they are: Background in SMS We all know that you can change Read More →

A Look At The HTC One

There's been a ton of news lately about new smartphones and even a few new tablet devices set to come out this coming fall and holiday season. This is most certainly the time of year when we tend to see Read More →

HTC One 4.2.2 added features

I got the HTC one last month and it was pre-installed with Jellybean 4.1.2. It was ok at first but I missed the easy toggles I had with CM ROMs so I installed power toggles. Good thing they have included Read More →

Microsoft Covers Up Windows 8 Holes with Windows 8.1

Windows 8 creator Steven Sinofsky has expressed his happiness with the way his creation has turned out. The former Microsoft Windows boss said he never expected Windows 8 to sell that fast and make a notable growth in a short Read More →

How to unlock Huawei mifi E5832

My huawei mifi will end its 24 month contract with Sun Cellular soon and I will not extend it because we already have an internet connection at home (thanks to our friendly neighbour hihihi). I seldom use this now and it’s Read More →

Save Our Marine Life with EnviroPop

We are empowered with the authority to be the stewards of creation. However, we frequently hear news about how nature convulses as natural calamities like typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes and volcano eruptions claim the lives of thousands, reminding us that the Read More →

No need for guitar tuners with gStrings app

Learning to play the guitar is a bit hard especially if you don’t know how to tune it. When I started learning to play the guitar, most of the time I was not aware that it’s out of tune unless Read More →

The big cash business of iPhone screen repairs

Smartphones are undeniably more delicate than the mobile phones of the past. In recent years they’ve gone through a period of intense vulnerability as manufacturers competed to offer the most eye-catching design as well as the best technology. Apple is Read More →

Get CAR-nnected with CarCrazee

Are you insane about an inanimate object precisely the big toy that roll? Despite being costly, people still allot their hard earned cash to such a convenient appliance. Who wouldn't? I mean, travelling by a car lets you bring a little Read More →

Era of Digital World – Online Marketing and QR Codes

We are just a couple of years far from the greatest of all online marketing technology and that is the use of a QR code for redirecting online traffic to out online business portals. Online marketing has just boosted because Read More →
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