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Samsung Star Themes and Skins

I bought my Samsung star wifi last week as a Christmas present for myself. The "iphone like" touch screen and slider thingy made it easy for me to decide. You can never see another phone this good with the same Read More →

Affordable Asian Travel Packages

After a loooong blogging vacation, my friend Wayne of pop me on msn today informing me that is now PR 2 :) yey! That's why I'm a bit inspired to write again. lol I am posting today some Read More →

Sun Broadband Wireless | Review

I think it’s about time for me to give a review on my sun broadband for you guys who are planning of getting one. One month ago I subscribed to sun broadband's 649 package, If you have an existing sun postpaid Read More →

Wireless speaker system

Don't you just hate the unsightly wires in your home? I do, especially the wires for my guitar gadgets and for the guitar itself.  If you own a wireless speaker system and if you're a wire-hater then maybe it's time Read More →

Mini Refrigerator or small refrigerator

Buying a mini refrigerator or a small refrigerator is a good idea if you're looking to save some space whether in your apartment or at the office. Why go for the big or normal size refrigerator if you're just going Read More →

Refurbished laptop computers

I used to think that all refurbished laptop computers were previously used, that's why they are cheaper than the new ones. Before I joined my previous company, I didn't know that there are 3 categories when it comes refurbished laptop Read More →

NiMH Energizer Rechargeable Batteries

If you use any device that runs with a battery, you may want to save money by getting yourself a NimH Energizer Rechargeable Batteries , instead of the usual batteries that can't be charged. That way, you don't have Read More →

Free Satellite TV

You probably have ended up on this page because you're trying to get a Free Satellite TV , For your PC or for your hi-res TV. I'll tell you what, I've been trying to find one for this post, but Read More →

Need a bigger Mafia? Join My Mafia in Facebook

Do you need a bigger mafia? Post a comment with your profile link here for invites. One month ago I started playing mafia wars in Facebook, it is indeed addictive. I invested my skill points more on energy so that I Read More →
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