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The Effect of using Solar Screens

There is a lot of energy saving tips that you can get from advertisements and from the internet, even on seminars.   The purpose of all these is to save money from your electric bills.  But there is an energy saving Read More →

The Benefits of Solar Yard Lights

We have been doing everything in order to reduce the cost of electricity, but still, our electric bill is getting higher each time we receive it.  If there are ways for us to reduce our electric bill, I think you Read More →

Why does my computer keep restarting – My story

Why does my computer keep restarting? I kept asking myself that question 2 months ago. It was a very frustrating experience to see the artworks that I was working on for hours disappear in thin air because my computer restarted Read More →

The best work from home online jobs

Okay, I understand you're sick and tired of your boss. You just can't take his/her attitude anymore, everyone is not treating you the way you should be treated at the office. You hate having to wake up early and having Read More →

Collection of amazing wallpapers for you

I just would like to share these amazing wallpapers from deviant art. Feel free to download them. Just click the link below the picture to download from source, and you're good to go. By the way, please do not forget Read More →

Meet Kin, the Social Networking Phone

At last, a phone specially made for social networking addicts, the new Kin one and Kin two mobile phones from Microsoft (hardware by Sharp). Kin phones have a cool UI called Kin Loop that gets direct feeds from your Read More →

Bloxorz Cheats and Walkthrough

Do you know the game Bloxorz? I was just looking for a flash game to play a while ago and I found bloxorz, the name is not that catchy though but it’s addictive. It is a 3D puzzle game, good graphics Read More →

Great Vector Wallpapers Free Download

Below are some great vector wallpapers that you can download for free.  (Thanks to the artists who uploaded their works online). Just click "here" below the free vector wallpaper that you want to download. When you get to the download Read More →

The new Google Adwords Keyword tool interface

Whew, I'm surprised! There's a new Google Keyword tool interface, at first I thought I entered a wrong google application but I didn't. It's really new. I hope it is still as idiot friendly as the old interface was. Here's a screen Read More →

Ilocos Travel Package: Sure Weekend

Ilocos travel package for you guys, I miss my home town :( TRAVEL DATE : April 16-18, 2010 Php4,088/ person Inclusions: *Round trip air conditioned van transfer (Makati-Ilocos-Makati) *3 days and 2 night accommodation at Hotel Renzo in Laoag City.Read More →
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