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How to Customize Google Chrome

If you are bored of the way your pre-installed Google Chrome looks, why not spice things up a bit? Why don’t you try personalizing or customizing it the way you like it? You could even make it more useful and Read More →

How to personalize your iPhone

Tired of your bland and boring appearance of your iPhone? Why don’t you personalize it the way you like it. Make it more unique and appealing to others by personalizing it. This way, you won’t be tired of looking to Read More →

How to use phone as hotspot

Wanna share your Wi-Fi connectivity with others? What if you are the only one capable of connecting to a certain hotspot but the others are not? The answer here is to turn your phone as a hotspot. Ofcourse, your phone Read More →

How to Use Remote Desktop Connection

Want to access files from computers which are very far from you? What if you forgot to do something on that computer and want to access it remotely? Seems cliché? No. It is possible. The use of remote desktop connection Read More →

How to Improve Computer performance

It is an awesome experience when our computer is newly installed with an OS. It is lightning fast. But as time passes by, the feeling of awesomeness is gradually decreasing. It is getting chuggy and laggy as time passes by. Read More →

How does Facebook make money

With Facebook’s 800+ million users, it is very likely that you could profit from those huge amount of user count. But the question here is: “Can it really generate money?”

There are already many articles about marketing case Read More →
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