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Protect your devices from accidental fall using tempered glass

Need better protection for your phone and tablet screens? Try using tempered glass screen protector. It protects your device not only from scratches and also from broken LCD due to accidental fall. Tempered glass does not affect the touch-screen sensitivity Read More →

Easiest and fastest way to customize your Android home screen

Customizing on your android screen has never been this easy with Themer app. You don’t need to know all the details like what widgets, fonts and icons to use. You just search from the library of themes, download then apply. Read More →

How to configure iPega Bluetooth Controller on Android

Configuring controllers like iPega is a pain. The manual and start guide is hard to understand (not sure if it’s only me) that’s why I made this tutorial for those of you who are also struggling to setup your newly Read More →

How to install Android OS on Mac OSX

You can install Android OS on your Mac or PC. Thanks to for this project. What you will need is to install Virtual Box first and create a Linux virtual machine. Though you can install this on your PC as Read More →

15 HTC One tips that you probably didn’t know

So, you think you have explored your HTC One? Try these tips and tricks we have compiled. I'm sure there is at least one that you're not aware of. Here they are: Background in SMS We all know that you can change Read More →
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