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HTC One 4.2.2 added features

I got the HTC one last month and it was pre-installed with Jellybean 4.1.2. It was ok at first but I missed the easy toggles I had with CM ROMs so I installed power toggles. Good thing they have included Read More →

The big cash business of iPhone screen repairs

Smartphones are undeniably more delicate than the mobile phones of the past. In recent years they’ve gone through a period of intense vulnerability as manufacturers competed to offer the most eye-catching design as well as the best technology. Apple is Read More →

Get CAR-nnected with CarCrazee

Are you insane about an inanimate object precisely the big toy that roll? Despite being costly, people still allot their hard earned cash to such a convenient appliance. Who wouldn't? I mean, travelling by a car lets you bring a little Read More →

Advantages of Mobile Technology for Businessmen

Do you remember the days when your day at the office meant working from behind a desk surrounded by your colleagues? Times are definitely changing and mobile technology is the driving force behind the transformation of when and where business Read More →

Google’s One-Stop Knowledge Base

This article aims to improve internet users’ awareness of how they can make the most of Google searches. It’s written by industry experts at Smart Traffic, an award-winning SEO company that was established in 2006. When you need to look up Read More →

How to personalize your iPhone

Tired of your bland and boring appearance of your iPhone? Why don’t you personalize it the way you like it. Make it more unique and appealing to others by personalizing it. This way, you won’t be tired of looking to Read More →
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