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Free Guitar Tuner App for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Guitar tuner apps are handy. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a pro. If you have an Android phone or iPhone you can download one of the best free guitar tuner app and be always in tune. Read More →

MyPhone Agua Rio V2 Unboxing

Dual SIM quadcore android phone for $100. If you are looking for a dual sim android phone with good specs, you might want to consider myphone agua rio version 2. Thanks to for the unit and doing the unboxing for Read More →

How to save internal storage on LG G2

32GB is not enough for you? Use USB OTG feature on your G2 to save internal storage capacity! One of my favorite features of android is the OTG support. This is often available on flagship and midrange devices. If you are Read More →

Bluetooth shutter, a must have to match with your selfie stick

Taking photos of yourself or better known as “selfie” is much better now with a selfie stick. Even better if you have a remote shutter like the AB Bluetooth shutter to control your camera clicks! It works on iOS and Android. Read More →

Protect your devices from accidental fall using tempered glass

Need better protection for your phone and tablet screens? Try using tempered glass screen protector. It protects your device not only from scratches and also from broken LCD due to accidental fall. Tempered glass does not affect the touch-screen sensitivity Read More →

15 HTC One tips that you probably didn’t know

So, you think you have explored your HTC One? Try these tips and tricks we have compiled. I'm sure there is at least one that you're not aware of. Here they are: Background in SMS We all know that you can change Read More →
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