Smart TV Alliance of LG and Philips will Standardize TV Apps

It’s not just phones who have the “smart” tag. TVs now have this tag. Now, that smart TVs are becoming more and more popular, companies are planning to standardize the whole thing. LG and TP Vision (for Philips TVs) are launching Read More →

RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices will ditch physical keyboard

The upcoming BlackBerry that will first use Research In Motion Ltd.'s new operating software will be a touch-screen phone. BlackBerry will not completely abandon the physical keyboard but rather they are just exploring the road of touch-screen based phones. Who Read More →

Windows Phone app development is closing in to Andoid’s

The application development that Microsoft is currently doing with their Windows Phone has just increased to 600 percent over the last 12 months. The data came from an app store analytics firm, Flurry. Total Flurry project starts have grown Read More →

Is Microsoft Surface Tablet the one to rival iPad?

Microsoft announced their first ever tablet called Surface. Of course with that release, speculations arise. The most popular speculation as of now is if it is capable of rivalling iPad on the tablet industry. Will it ever reach No. 2? Read More →

WordPress integrates Facebook to strengthen social sharing

For those Wordpress bloggers, who are tired of sharing their works the usual way, be happy because there is another way of doing that! You can now integrate Facebook by using a plugin. You can now spread news of stories, Read More →

Euro Football Championship 2012 Smart TV App unveiled by Philips

As the Euro Football Championship 2012 is currently held, Philips decided to create a smart TV app that would capture the hearts of football fans. The announcement was made last week by TP Vision. They are the company responsible of Read More →
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