Amazon acquires UpNext, a 3D mapping startup

Amazon is starting its move to enter the mapping world. They had just acquired 3D mapping startup UpNext. Amazon doesn’t have any mapping apps of its own. Its acquisition of UpNext is stepping into a new territory. Amazon’s Kindle Fire doesn’t Read More →

Google Nexus 7 aims to put down Kindle Fire

Google will be releasing their first tablet and will be named Nexus 7.  Its mission is to put down any tablet that runs Android. It is Google’s plan to dominate the tablet market especially to those users of Kindle Fire Read More →

Android Malware are getting more and more ‘invisible’

Symantec has warned the Android community that Android malware authors are making their malwares more invisible and harder to detect. This means that they are adding greater encryptions to their creations. These malwares are now using an encryption to obfuscate embedded Read More →

Which Anti-virus software tops popularity?

The anti-virus business has been always a hot one. Many companies battle to find out which of them have the most secured anti-virus software. It now confuses end-users which offer the best out of everything offered. It is also hard Read More →

Sony Internet Player, paired with Google TV(TM), launched in Canada

Sony Canada announced the availability and pricing of NSZ-GS7, Sony Internet Player with Google TV. It was introduced last January at CES 2012. The new TV Platform will be powered by the Google TV platform. It will be available to Read More →

Facebook’s new ‘Find Friends Nearby’ feature suddenly pulled back

Facebook quietly introduced a new feature which uses GPS signal in modern phones to help you find friends and potential new friends nearby. It was designed for phones that will allow you to see your friends who are close by Read More →
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