Amazon releases GameCircle For Kindle Fire

Introducing Amazon GameCircle, which contains new sets of services to enable users  to create more exciting gaming experiences and grow your gaming business on Kindle Fire. GameCircle will make achievements, leaderboards and sync APIs simpler and quicker to to integrate. This will let Read More →

Google Nexus Q

Tablet here, tablet there, are there any new updates on tech stuff that doesn’t relate on tablets? Well I’ll give you one. Introducing Google Nexus Q, a video and music streaming device, built for Smart TVs. Nowadays, we have many Read More →

Google’s creation of mini-tablet shakens the tablet market

It is not questionable why Apple dominates the tablet market. Their sleek design, enormous app collection, and a thorough support are just some factors that contribute to their dominant run. Many rivals have spawned to fight Apple iPad for the Read More →

Nexus 7: A smartphone without the phone

The shipping of Google’s new tablet, the Nexus 7, will begin in about 2 - 3 weeks. But before it officially comes out, there have been much information about the Nexus 7 and Jelly Bean that keeps on appearing on Read More →

Redhat joint arms with Semantic to provide private clouds and highly secured datacenters

Redhat Corporation Inc. and Semantec Corp. is now having a partnership which aims to give out agile private and hybrid clouds and create highly resilient datacenters. They will be having a mutual partnership that will extend to their engineering, marketing, Read More →

Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro will just cost $39.99

Windows is making it easy for everyone to upgrade to Windows 8. You can upgrade from your Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 8. You can choose from 131 markets to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for just $39.99. There Read More →
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