Ron Barcenas

Roniel is an IT student and a part-time writer for petiksmode. He is a computer and hardware geek, an experienced linux user and an active blogger.

Sun Cellular now offering Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 is now becoming the mobile quad-core sensation. It’s the first of its kind,bearing the quad-core processing and the newest Android JellyBean. Since the time that it came to the Philippines, Globe Telecoms quickly grabs the opportunity to add Read More →

Angry Birds Trilogy is making its debut on consoles

Activision and Rovio have confirmed that the Angry Birds Trilogy for consoles is currently under development. The trilogy will include the following: The Original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Season and the Angry Birds Rio. They will be excluding the Angry Birds Space Read More →

Balmer emphasizes that “Surface Is Just a Design Point”

The new tablet Microsoft introduced, the Surface, would not blow off its longtime PC manufacturing problems. Surface is just a reference design that is meant to show off what Microsoft is capable of. It is a design which they are Read More →

Amazon releases GameCircle For Kindle Fire

Introducing Amazon GameCircle, which contains new sets of services to enable users  to create more exciting gaming experiences and grow your gaming business on Kindle Fire. GameCircle will make achievements, leaderboards and sync APIs simpler and quicker to to integrate. This will let Read More →

Google Nexus Q

Tablet here, tablet there, are there any new updates on tech stuff that doesn’t relate on tablets? Well I’ll give you one. Introducing Google Nexus Q, a video and music streaming device, built for Smart TVs. Nowadays, we have many Read More →

Google’s creation of mini-tablet shakens the tablet market

It is not questionable why Apple dominates the tablet market. Their sleek design, enormous app collection, and a thorough support are just some factors that contribute to their dominant run. Many rivals have spawned to fight Apple iPad for the Read More →
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