Ron Barcenas

Roniel is an IT student and a part-time writer for petiksmode. He is a computer and hardware geek, an experienced linux user and an active blogger.

Top 2 linux video and photo editing software

Linux always has issues when it comes to software. Many are saying that Linux lacks software and packages that Windows have. What they don’t’ know is that Linux is GNU. This means that developers develop Linux for free. One of Read More →

How to convert pdf to word

How to convert pdf to word Sometimes in PDF files, there are some minor errors that we want to change. The problem is, we can’t edit a pdf file. We need to make it editable. Sounds strange? Hell no. There is Read More →

How to use Cydia

Cydia is the free App Store of jailbroken iPhones and iPod Touches. So first, before you can acquire this, you need to jailbreak your phone first with the corresponding jailbreaking software to your firmware. When jailbroken, Cydia already comes pre-installed to Read More →

Ubuntu Tips and Tricks for Beginners

After you have installed your Ubuntu, now what to do? Before fully exploring the world of Ubuntu, you just have the option to do these optional tasks to fully enhance, upgrade and optimize your Ubuntu at its most. These tasks Read More →

How to turn off Game Requests in Facebook

It’s nice to just log-in to your Facebook and find out that you have too many notifications. It’s exciting to see what kind of alerts you got whether there is a new event, a joke you are tagged in, or Read More →

How to change browser resolution

Every website is best viewed in large resolutions. There are still some which can be viewed by lower resolutions like 800 x 600. But now, that more and more sites are incorporating web page size greater than the normal 1024 Read More →
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