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Iphone 3.0 release time

Iphone software 3.0 is scheduled to release today June 17 but it is not yet known what exact time. This Iphone 3.0 software can be downloaded in apple iphone website so watch out. iphone 3.0 software graphic Iphone Read More →

Cheap wireless keyboard and mouse

Last March, my gf bought me a wireless keyboard and mouse. We were just searching for a cheap one below 1000php ($25) that is decent enough for my need. Where can you buy below 1000 pesos wireless keyboard and mouse Read More →

PAL Way-To-Go promo fares as low as $98

A new promo for Philippine Airlines this June starting at $98 to Macau, Hongkong or Taipei. This is a good deal for all of you petiksters who are fond of travelling. Ticketing date will be on June 1 to June Read More →

How to fix error 404 when posting comments

I started this blog 1 month ago and after everything was set and ready I found an error 404 when trying to post a comment. I did not know what the problem was and I was thinking it is an Read More →

Where is the debugger or host application running?

Last Night when I was updating petiksmode I encountered the popup asking where debugger or host application running? It keeps on appearing either entering an IP or selecting localhost. to resolve this download and install Flash Player 9 Read More →

Red Alert 3 crash fix

To my fellow petiks gamers, I want to share this information about Red Alert 3. I installed the game C&C Red Alert 3 last month and started playing using Soviet, right after the fifth mission the game crashed. I thought the Read More →
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