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How to video record your android screen without rooting

There might be an app in Google play to record your screen but it’s either paid, buggy or needs root access. I’m not ready to root my phone just yet and I am looking for a free alternative. The best Read More →

Bluetooth shutter, a must have to match with your selfie stick

Taking photos of yourself or better known as “selfie” is much better now with a selfie stick. Even better if you have a remote shutter like the AB Bluetooth shutter to control your camera clicks! It works on iOS and Android. Read More →

Protect your devices from accidental fall using tempered glass

Need better protection for your phone and tablet screens? Try using tempered glass screen protector. It protects your device not only from scratches and also from broken LCD due to accidental fall. Tempered glass does not affect the touch-screen sensitivity Read More →

Greedy or Smart Dog?

This is a good example of survival of the fittest. Keep a close eye on the small one Kaspar, the dog on the right. Who would have thought dogs think like this, it's hilarious!  Smart or greedy? Watch the video and Read More →

How to install Android OS on Mac OSX

You can install Android OS on your Mac or PC. Thanks to for this project. What you will need is to install Virtual Box first and create a Linux virtual machine. Though you can install this on your PC as Read More →
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