Welcome to Petiksmode.com!

Petiks Mode [pet´tiks môd] is pretending to be busy or working even when a person is actually not doing anything. This is common in the office setting usually done by employees without their managers’ supervision.

All work no play makes Jack a dull boy. Even hardworking employees need to succumb to PETIKS MODE every once in a while. This is their time to take their mind off stress and work, which usually takes up at least 8 hours or more of an employees’ life.

The main objective of PETIKS MODE is to entertain those who visit and lurk around the site while enjoying their spare time (petiks time). Learn about the latest headlines, current events, sports, movies and controversies. It doesn’t end there; this site also traces back the news from long ago, as long as it is worth knowing about.

If you have time to spare, which I bet you do, you may contribute by sending us an email with your article or anything that you want to share. Feel free to leave your comments and opinions on the posted articles. Remember, petiksmode.com was created during petiks time. You can still be productive and help other petiskters find something to do. Isn’t that great?

We hope to hear from you soon. Ciao!