There’s been a ton of news lately about new smartphones and even a few new tablet devices set to come out this coming fall and holiday season. This is most certainly the time of year when we tend to see significant tech releases, as companies try to beat the end of the year with innovative news and maximize holiday shopping sales. However, this year, one of the most exciting new smartphones has already hit the market: the verdict is in, and the HTC One is fantastic.

This new generation Android phone has some of the smoothest aesthetic quality and functionality you’ll find in a modern smartphone. Let’s take a look at some of the features and specifications.

Home Screen & Display

The HTC One’s display consists of a 4.7-inch screen with 1080p HD resolution. However, it’s the concept of the home screen that really makes the display unique. A new feature called BlinkFeed offers you a “live” home screen that features whatever updates and feeds you choose. Basically, you pick a few news sources, social feeds, etc., and they’ll stream and update on your home screen, giving you the content you need as conveniently as possible.

Data Handling

As for capacity, the HTC One is similar to other smartphones on the market, with 32GB and 64GB offerings. However, it’s worth noting that access to Android apps offer further means of enhancing storage. Specifically, the Sharefile app from Citrix is available and compatible with the HTC One, and offers you secure and dynamic cloud storage and file sharing options from your mobile device. This sort of application allows you to save your data online, conserving space on your phone.

Sound Capability

One of the most unique features of the HTC One, setting it apart from competitors, is that its speakers are on the front face of the phone, on both top and bottom. HTC calls its audio system “BoomSound,” and really the speaker system offers the best sound on the smartphone market.

Camera Capability

In terms of specs, the HTC One camera is similar to most competitors. However, the UltraPixel feature is certainly worth noting. Basically, it’s a shutter capability that you might find in a full digital camera. The shutter feature takes 20 lightning quick photos with one click, and also captures a 3-second video, ultimately allowing you to capture images with the perfect amount of detail.

Physical Design

Also worth noting is the full metal design of the HTC One, as well as a slightly curved backside design that offers a natural feeling grip on the phone. It’s still super slim, but in a way that fits more naturally to your hand.

Of course, there are additional features included, such as an automatic highlight reel generator and a sensor that makes your calls clear with crowd noise in the background. But in terms of major specs and features, those listed above are the ones that make HTC One stand out.

Here’s an unboxing and benchmarking video produced by us.