Windows 8 creator Steven Sinofsky has expressed his happiness with the way his creation has turned out. The former Microsoft Windows boss said he never expected Windows 8 to sell that fast and make a notable growth in a short span of time. Speaking at the D11 Conference on May 30, Sinofsky said, “It’s hard for me to look at selling 100 million of something and not be happy.” He has all the reasons to rejoice. In just the first quarter of this year, Windows 8 was able to give other established OS brands tight competition.

However, not everyone is totally happy with Windows 8 features whether casual users, online gaming or casino enthusiasts, or tech geeks. Some are particularly disappointed with the OS’s elimination of the Start button that previous Windows operating systems were known for. Sinofsky is no longer connected with Microsoft and by that, the company made moves to improve Windows 8, which is now dubbed as Windows Blue (also Windows 8.1).

Details of the Windows Blue surfaced online on Thursday, announcing the changes that Windows 8 took. In an entry in Windows Blog, Corporate Vice President Antoine Leblond said that “Windows 8.1 will deliver improvements and enhancements in key areas like personalization, search, the built-in apps, Windows Store experience, and cloud connectivity.” Among those notable changes that Windows 8.1 will parade are the Start button similar to those found on previous desktops, an improved search feature, and a “Snap” feature that lets users view apps side by side. You can probably snap a app on the sidebar to track lottery winning numbers if you play lottery games online. The snap feature allows users to set the size of each window. The Windows 8.1 also permits saving of files directly to Microsoft’s cloud storage. The new Windows OS also includes more customization options, Live Tiles, changeable background menu color, lessened steps to access settings, and inclusion of the latest version of Internet Explorer.

This is not the first time that Windows 8 received an update. For those who are fond of playing casino games, future gadgets that use Windows 8 OS will be your best partner. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that a new poker game would be released on Windows 8 platforms. These games would also offer Xbox Live support to let players play against real players online. With this offering by Windows 8, no need to deal with installation troubles.

Windows Blue has just started improving its features. Expect more updates in the future to make users feel more comfortable, and to make Sinofsky prouder.