I got the HTC one last month and it was pre-installed with Jellybean 4.1.2. It was ok at first but I missed the easy toggles I had with CM ROMs so I installed power toggles. Good thing they have included this in 4.2.2 update along with other features.

What’s new with HTC One 4.2.2? I have listed them below:

-Android 4.2.2 update
-Launcher bar enhancement
-Widget panel rearrangement
-New lockscreen style widget
-Enhanced Home button behavior
-Home button options added to make navigation menu bar removable.

-Show battery level in status bar

-Quick settings panel: 12 default settings by new touch gesture

-AE/AF Lock feature: Lock exposure/focus on viewfinder screen
-Zoe: New Zoe file format for better file management
-Video Highlights: added 6 extra themes

-Music channel: seek, fast forward/rewind functions added

You can also check the video demo below if you prefer watching.