My huawei mifi will end its 24 month contract with Sun Cellular soon and I will not extend it because we already have an internet connection at home (thanks to our friendly neighbour hihihi).
I seldom use this now and it’s more practical to use a pre-paid SIM instead and load up whenever I need it. I have only one problem; I can only use a Sun Cellular SIM!
Fortunately my friend has already unlocked his mifi and he helped unlocked mine. Here’s what we did.

Note: We used windows XP because there were issues encountered with Windows 7. You can try to run it as Administrator i.e. right click file > properties > compatibility > select “windows xp service pack 2? and tick the “Run as Administrator” box. Thanks to Techgirl for clarifying :)

Applications to install:

  1. QMAT  – this is used to read the code from the device and save it into file (
  2. Extract Test – Will be used to read the code from Qmat. (
  3. Unlocker – An executable file used to input code to unlock your huawei mifi. (

After you have installed all the necessary programs we can now start unlocking your device huawei portable wifi.


  1. Remove SIM and connect your device to PC
  2. Open QMAT and go to Hardware Forensics > Use Mobile Ports 
  3. From QC Com Diag window select HUAWEI Mobile Connect – 3G Application Interface
  4. From diag command select 00 and click SEND – if it’s successfully connected you should get numbers and characters as below and “Successfully send command” message. 
  5. From Diag Functions select Read EFS from dropdown and tick Alternative Method then click Lets Go – After this you will be asked to save the log file. 
  6. You should see “successfully read EFS” message from text box. 
  7. Open extract text, go to text options and configure it as below 
  8. Open log file created in QMAT then enter filename to save as 
  9. From the extracted text, copy the last one or the first one or the number that appears only once. one of them is your unlock code! You can use notepad++ to easily track repeated numbers if you want
  10. Open card unlocker, enter code from step 9 and click OK.  

Your portable modem should be unlocked now, congratulations! Test it with a different SIM.

You have only 10 attempts to enter the correct code – But we received feedback from the comments that you can still enter code after 10 attempts.

the number that appears only once. one of them is your unlock code!

If you prefer to watch the video tutorial instead, watch the video I made below. Goodluck!