We are empowered with the authority to be the stewards of creation. However, we frequently hear news about how nature convulses as natural calamities like typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes and volcano eruptions claim the lives of thousands, reminding us that the earth was ours to take care of, but we every so often choose to drop the ball.

Our choices definitely shape and create an impact to the destiny of life on planet earth. In fact, our marine biodiversity is constantly deteriorating brought about by our continuous abdication of our authority to tend the sea.

Now, if you want to pass a better world to the generations to come, it’s for you take the challenge to protect our marine ecosystem from its unprecedented global collapse.

Enviropop by Appslabsdigital

World Wide Fund for Nature-Philippines and AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. recently introduced a constructive tool for people to partake in the campaign to save our marine life. EnviroPop, a time-pressured gaming application allows its users to digitally save the sea creatures from a host of sea hazards.

Save our marine life

Featuring WWF’s characters Gary the Grouper, Bobby the Butanding, Dolly the Dolphin, Dougie the Dugong, Patty the Pawikan and Clara the Clown Fish, you are obliged to rescue them by tapping and swiping on at least three similar objects that threatens their lives. You can even earn 5 times more points if you get to hit a chain of hazards beside WWF’s famous mascot, Chi-Chi the Panda.


Not just that, the app also includes Enviropedia where you can sift through information about their featured sea creatures and the different threats that are penetrating the seas.

The environmental app comes in two variants: The Lite version that you can download for free and the Full version that you can purchase for $0.99. The proceeds from the latter will go directly to WWF’s marine conservation programs, so it’s better to chip in to this worthy cause.

Imagine that, by availing EnviroPop app, you can save our valuable sea creatures from extinction and lend a hand in protecting our remarkable marine environment. Download it on the Apple App Store now!

For more information, visit http://www.enviropopapp.com