Learning to play the guitar is a bit hard especially if you don’t know how to tune it. When I started learning to play the guitar, most of the time I was not aware that it’s out of tune unless someone notices. My father tuned it for me until I was able to do it myself. But still, if you lack ear training and you’re not familiar with how each string should sound, you won’t be able to play along with your favorite song.

Nowadays, if you have a smart phone you can tune your acoustic guitar perfectly! I use gStrings, so far this is the best guitar tuner available in Google play for me. If you’re using other preferred app, that is also cool.

Check the short video demo below which I did using this app.

So can you actually replace your usual guitar tuner?

Yes, but only in quiet environment. When in a band or stage, use your line-in tuner instead.