Are you insane about an inanimate object precisely the big toy that roll? Despite being costly, people still allot their hard earned cash to such a convenient appliance.

Who wouldn’t? I mean, travelling by a car lets you bring a little piece of home along with you wherever you go. Moreover, we’re so adapted to that tiny piece of heavenly personal space that it takes a Herculean effort to pry us out of it most of the time.

A few massive vehicles give you that thrill when driving, others are even modified to emit loud noises, whatever brand it may be, they all give enthusiasm to those who are greatly fascinated with cars.

For people who have depended on their wheels and are overly attached to their possession, here is a mobile app that you can brag to your folks on the street.

Introducing CarCrazee app by AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. It is a photo sharing and social networking tool that allows all the car enthusiasts to share their diverse range of vehicles to their fellow auto aficionados all over the globe.

Everybody is welcomed with open arms in this community, as there is no bias to any particular marque in the app. With this, you can “zoom in” or follow other users and interact with your fellow car addicts.

CarCrazee App


Camera- Use the in-app camera to upload a real-time photo of your car–be it a classic car, a family sedan or a sport utility vehicle–or get stored images from your photo roll.

Search- Browse through other users’ posts depending on the car’s model, brand, and location.

Friends- View posts and activities of those you’ve zoomed in/followed.

Popular- Sift through what zoomers mostly dig into.

Top Rated- Contains the most popular brands among the cars in the app.

News- This section is integrated with Top Gear and other well-known car magazines where you can browse through what’s new in the world of cars.

Social Media Integration- Be updated with the latest updates and get to follow the Twitter feeds of @CarCrazeeApp and share your posts via the app’s Facebook integration.

CarCrazee App

As of the moment, the app is only available for iOS devices but will soon be released on Android Google Play Store.

Take a spin of CarCrazee, engage in an instant connection with autophiles and explore the realm of automobiles. Get this app for a whopping price of free! Download it on the iTunes App Store or visit its Official Website to get more info about the app.

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