We are just a couple of years far from the greatest of all online marketing technology and that is the use of a QR code for redirecting online traffic to out online business portals. Online marketing has just boosted because of so many reasons. After the baby boomers, the companies started to advance more towards the concept of having personal websites for consumerism. However, without proper intellect of the online target market and target audiences, this was just another simple marketing strategy going wasted.

Online marketing

Marketing is not the easiest of all concepts and with E-marketing to come alive in the past 10 years or so, it is more than an art and a science to deal with. Now, it is impossible for a business to survive without an online presence, but the virtual only businesses survive and excel a lot.  For this case scenario, different tactics are used to enhance the traffic on websites so that more and more consumers can fall prey to the marketing and buy online or avail services from different online companies.

Ways to enhance the traffic online are as follows:

  1. Link building
  2. Blogging
  3. Email marketing
  4. Online bulk SMS generation
  5. Telecommuting
  6. Online videos and links
  7. QR codes

Just like the mobile phones, also known as, the Smartphones can be used to acknowledge all kinds of online marketing through surfing the internet free, QR codes are being generated and scanned online by them as well. This way the traffic is redirected to pages that have been made for online companies to market their services and products.

What is a QR code?

Online Marketing And QR Codes

Many sue a QR coding technique nowadays. It is the versatile form of bar codes. The QR codes, unlike the latter can save a lot if information in numerical and character form making the coding an unlimited space for the information to be stored. The information can be in the form of any link, hyperlink, email address, phone number, name, name, and code of a product or service etc. The QR codes are not that difficult to make. Unlike the bar codes, they do not need permission from governmental agencies to be generated. They can be generated on personal basis allowing any user to hide valuable information related to a product, service, or a website/online page in it that others can scan. The online marketing has become vast in its operations clearly allowing such type of technology to take over and make it easier for people to shop and surf online.


The advantages of QR codes are as under:

  1. You can use them for any product/service
  2. They are a bunch of abstract art design on any product that can be put on any side of a product
  3. Any common QR code scanner can be used for them to be scanned
  4. They can be personally generated
  5. They can be read through mobile phones with camera features
  6. They can be read through Bluetooth devices as well
  7. They can store unlimited amount of data unlike bar codes storing only 20 numbers
  8. They are good communicators between online users and online businesses
  9. They are a free way to direct traffic from a page to another
  10. They are the best way to integrate the technology of online marketing, PR and mobile marketing

Therefore, for those, who know this concept can start using it. For those who are new to this can easily find a lot of information and details on the codes and find what they are capable of. After that, there is no stopping of anyone to use the ease provided by online marketing tools such as this one to enhance their businesses all around the globe, online through the internet.