Cisco CCNP Voice Certification is a very popular certification these days. This can be said of many of the certifications that Cisco offers, but this one is special. Here are the facts about CCNP Cisco Certification Exams.

Voice Is Vital

Voice technologies have become an integral part of modern IT networks. For this reason, certifications involving these technologies are hot tickets. With Cisco certification to prove your abilities in the area of voice technology and your skill when it comes to working with routers and switches, you can expect big changes in your career when you are certified in voice technologies. Voice it vital, and this is no secret to employers.

Cisco CCNP Voice Certification

What You Need To Know To Pass

To pass this particular Cisco exam, you need to know about both the data and voice aspects of this technology, aspects which are usually kept separate. You will need to know how to troubleshoot these networks and to handle communication service infrastructures. The purpose of all this is to create a single solution out of multiple communication technologies to meet communication needs. This is practical knowledge with practical applications that will find the holder of this certification being in demand and challenged to reinvent this part of the IT field to some extent.

Other Exam Details

This Cisco cert exam is known as the 642-432 exam and is made up of anywhere from 55 to 65 questions. The questions are done in the multiple choice style, and the amount of time provided for completing this exam is 75 minutes. This is a challenging exam but a rewarding one.