Do you remember the days when your day at the office meant working from behind a desk surrounded by your colleagues? Times are definitely changing and mobile technology is the driving force behind the transformation of when and where business is being done. The exciting part is that even small enterprises can benefit from the trend.

Many of the advantages of using devices centre around improving communication. Mobile phones keep employees and organisations connected with each other and clients both at the office or on holiday. It gives individuals the ability to instantly contact people and address business situations. Depending on the model or type of gadget, video calling or chatting can also possible so you can speak to colleagues on the other side of the world.

Laptops and netbooks have become powerful computing devices that offer access to numerous applications needed to run a company, including database programs, accounting software, and Web browsers. Unlike in the past when important records or documents had to be mailed from door to door, they can be sent and received in minutes. These files can be sent in PDF or other formats then zipped via email.

GPS devices have become more affordable in recent years, making them accessible to any organisation that requires travel. These gadgets put real-time traffic information, voice directions, and maps at the fingertips of a user. It is particularly for sales professionals who are often on the road, executives who travel, and ventures that make house calls or do deliveries. It can help you locate hard-to-find establishments and be on time for your appointments. It is a very powerful tool though it is not very common inSoutheast Asiayet.

Mobile technology has truly changed the way business is conducted, even in the Philippines. Unlike before when people would have to perform all tasks in a certain office space or go to banks, these days they can do their jobs online or through the phone.

Time is used on other transactions and the costs of travelling is reduced. This enables customers to receive their purchases more smoothly and companies to prosper faster. In addition, the market audience is no longer limited to a specific geographic area and enterprises can go global without having to spend too much.

Have you integrated the trend in your organisation yet? If not, now is the best time to do so. Doing this will allow you to have an edge over the competition.