There are many choices for low to midrange android phones, which I think is affordable and worth every penny. You can experience Android even on a tight budget and still enjoy games and apps from the market.

However installing almost every app you want is impossible with these devices. It won’t be long before you need to uninstall those apps that are taking space because you are annoyed with the “low disk space” notifications almost every time you open your phone. You could probably move some apps to SD but not all files will be transferred. The best way you do this is to use Move2SD, App2SD or Link2SD. You can use any of those I mentioned but I prefer Link2SD because this one worked for me.  If this doesn’t work for you feel free to use any app2sd scripts you want. It might not be a solution to install everything from the market but you can double or even triple your application capacity by doing this without using your internal memory.

Before I can show you how to install apps to your external disk you will need to root your phone first. There are different ways to root on every device, read about it and do it yourself. Here’s how I did it with LG, HTC and Samsung.

If your phone is already rooted then lets start!

Partitioning your memory card

The secondary partition of your SD card will be used as the installation location of your apps. We can use partition wizard that can be downloaded [here] for free, select home edition.

Please backup your memory card before doing this. My files were not deleted after I partitioned it but just in case something went wrong, you can recover your files

Step 1:
Insert your microSD card to your card reader

Step 2:
Open partition wizard, you should be able to see your SD card mounted in one of the drives. (Mine is drive F/Disk 3 from below picture)

Step 3:
Select your memory card drive and right click > Move/Resize partition, or you can just click Move/Resize Partition from the left sidebar.

Make sure tat your are partitioning your memory card not your hardisk

Step 4:
Enter partition size. The Partition size is your current MircoSD size, lowering this down will increase “Unallocated Space After”, this will be the size of your second partition. In my case I used 1Gb for the unallocated partition. After that Click OK

Step 5:
Right Click and select Create on the unallocated partition. Use FAT32 as file system to be safe, or EXT 2/3/4 instead if you know what you are doing. Select “Primary “ not Logical from Create As dropdown if you will be using it for Link2SD.

Click OK

Step 6:
Click Check button to Apply.


Step 7:
Wait for it to complete

Step 8:
Click OK on “Apply all the pending changes successfully”

Eject your SD card and insert it on your android phone. Download and install Link2SD from GooglePlay

After installation open link2SD. You will be asked to grant superuser request, click allow

Configuring Link2SD

Step 1:
Select filesystem of your SD card. Since we’ve used FAT23 as filesytem on our second partition, select FAT32/FAT16 from the option

Step 2:
Restart your phone

Step 3:
Open Link2SD after restart. Select menu button > Settings > Auto link settings
Tick all 3 checkbox. Press back, select Auto link and Auto link notification

Step 3:
Check installed apps if they are moved/linked to SD card by filtering > User. You can see linked apps has “Linked -> SD Card”. If you can see “on SD Card” instead these are not yet transferred to your secondary partition.

Step 4:
Manually transfer files to secondary partition by tapping the app and popup will appear

select Create Link and tick 3 checkbox and press OK.

You can do multi-select from the menu.

Only move user apps not System files.

Step 5:
You’re done! You can check storage of your secondary partition by going to Menu > Storage Info

There you go. You can now install apps directly to your secondary partition. If you insert your phone to USB storage to your PC, you will not be able to see your secondary storage, as it remains mounted as internal memory of your phone.

Thanks for dropping by, leave a comment if you have questions and I will gladly answer them.