This is the first time I rooted an HTC device and it’s different from Samsung and LG phones. There are 3 main steps you need to do before you actually start rooting your HTC Explorer. First is to install drivers, then unlock your boot loader and lastly add a recovery tool. You will also need to register to HTCdev, which is required when unlocking your bootloader. It is actually a long process; unlike my LG Optimus One before I only used an app with just one click. Don’t let this discourage you though, just look at the benefits you can get when you root your phone. Let’s start!

What you will need:

  1. Download and install Android SDK (you will only need some files here.)
  2. Download and install HTC Syc
  3. Register HTCdev account
  4. Download Recovery Files
  5. Download Superuser zip

Disclaimer: Do at your own risk; I will not be held responsible if you brick your phone in the process.

Step 1: Unlocking your Bootloader

HTC provides a very detailed guide to unlock your bootloader so I will not be duplicating that. Sign in to HTCdev and goto If you cannot see HTC explorer from the supported devices yet, select All Other Supported Models instead.


Click Begin Unlock Bootloader, you will be redirected to “Unlocking Bootloader Instructions”. Follow the steps (If I’m not mistaken there are 14steps) and after you have completed the process you should see this screen on your phone.

Select YES then restart.


Step 2: Add recovery

This recovery tool will allow you to install ROMs or apps in zip format that are compatible with your device. This is required so that we can install the (root app) on the next step.

Boot to Fastboot mode, hold volum down + power button and select FASTBOOT

Connect your USB to PC and select HTC SYC (you don’t need to open HTC Sync from your computer, just wait for the driver to install successfully)

Unzip and extract “A310E” from your PC. Click Command Prompt shortcut to open. Type recovery.bat then press ENTER.

Now that we have installed recovery, we can now proceed rooting your phone.

Step 3: Rooting

Boot to Fastboot mode again, hold volum down + power button and select RECOVERY

Go to Mounts and Storage > Mount USB Storage

Connect your device to your computer, copy to SD card then go back to RECOVERY menu.

Select “install zip from SD Card” menu, browse by using vol + (up), vol – (down) and power button (accept/enter) then install. You will be notified when it’s done. Go back to main menu and select reboot.

Congratulations your HTC pico is now rooted!