We often see kids spending most of their time hunched over screens enjoying themselves on online RPG games, updating their Facebook status or playing apps with their iPad. It is evident indeed, that technology has highly influenced the kids of this generation. However, most of the time, they neglect some of the important issues including those that involves the destruction of our environment. Sadly, they are too occupied to care and pay attention to things that really matter. They usually opt to play entertaining apps which usually involve guns, zombies, morbidity and other forms of violence.

Good thing is that kids now can be educated with a “green” app called “Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth”, an eco-friendly mobile application for iOS and Android devices developed by AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. This app will help the gadget-obsessed generation be aware of the environmental concerns plaguing our planet and is meant for them to be conscious of its continuous deterioration.

The app features three mini games—the Segre Game, Spot the Difference, and Create Your Own Happy Earth. In the Segre Game, Maddie and Matt will teach your kids proper segregation of trash. In Spot the Difference, your kids’ task is to determine the difference between two images on the screen. Create Your Own Happy Earth allows your youngsters to create their own “Happy Earth” by dragging different objects into the frame. Another feature includes Earth Facts which allow kids to discover 10 of the most interesting facts about the Earth.

It’s never too late to encourage children to partake in saving Mother Earth. Hence, we must make them an ally in our overall efforts to save the environment even in just simple little ways.


Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

If you want to know more about the app, visit their official website: http://maddieandmatt.com/.