If you are bored of the way your pre-installed Google Chrome looks, why not spice things up a bit? Why don’t you try personalizing or customizing it the way you like it? You could even make it more useful and handy with tools and extensions. You can even make scripts and choose theme that would suit you. If you want to design it right away, let me tell you 5 essential parts which you could spice your Google Chrome up.

1.)    Extensions

These things will be the most powerful tools that will exceed the maximum power of your browser can handle. It will make impossible things for browsers possible. Extensions can do anything, from downloading videos from Youtube to modifying web pages the way it loads. The downside here is that the more extensions you use to your browser, the more it will take up additional system resources. Beware of possible slowdown in surfing experience.

You can download extensions in the carius Chrome extension sites.

2.)    Bookmarklets

These are small bits of JavaScripts that are stored as a bookmark.  When you click the bookmark, the JavaScript code in the bookmarklet runs on the current webpage. This is a good alternative for extensions. However they can’t replace all extensions. They only run when they are clicked unlike extensions ho run all the time. They are also incapable of adding user interface elements, such as toolbar buttons, to your browser.

3.)    User Scripts

Do you know Grease Monkey? Then you know user scripts. These are like bookmarklets which always run when certain webpages load. They’re just JavaScript code that runs on the current page, but they run automatically.

In Chrome, users install user scripts like they were extensions. You can also try Tapermonkey which is a GreaseMonkey-style user script manager that automatically adds additional features a script may require.

4.)    User Styles

These are like user scripts but focuses on customizing the layout or looks of a webpage by controlling CSS style sheet code of a site.

To use this, use Stylish for Chrome.

5.)    Themes

These are the most obvious and common way to customize Chrome. They simpy add a stylistic look to your browser itself. You can check out themes on Chrome Themes site.