Tired of your bland and boring appearance of your iPhone? Why don’t you personalize it the way you like it. Make it more unique and appealing to others by personalizing it. This way, you won’t be tired of looking to your iPhone saying “It is the same with everyone”. I’ll show you some good ways to personalize your iPhone.. I’ll even show you how to change you can design themes, icons, and more.


If you want to have custom themes, try installing Winterboard. This is a perfect tool for jailbroken phones for they can easily search custom themes and install it right away.


Changing icons is easy too, you just have to install iExplorer to your PC in which your iPhone is in sync with. Check e The Icon Factory and  deviantART for good icons designs. Open your iExplorer and go to this location: DEVICE_NAME -> Apps -> APP_NAME -> APP_NAME.app. Once you’re browsing the app’s resources, you’ll have a lot of files to look through. The one you want to find is generally called icon@2x.png. While the name may sometimes vary, in most cases that is the file you’re seeking. Simply rename the new 512×512 pixel icon with the name icon@2x.png, delete (or backup and delete) the original icon from the app you’re editing, and replace it with the new file. You’ll need to repeat this process to edit all of the other icons. This will be tedious if you have a lot of apps, but it’s pretty simple and doesn’t require a jailbreak to work.


You can always download creative wallpapers on any good sites such as deviantArt. You can even create a wallpaper of your own to satisfy your design needs. If you want a little more personalized wallpaper, checkout an app called Pimp Your Screen ($1).

Lock Screen

First and foremost, you need your phone to be jailbroken to proceed. So if you aren’t jailbroken yet, think of it first. Changing the lock screen can be sipe or complicated depending on how much you want to change it. You can find lots of lock-screen themes on deviantArt in which you can download and install using iExplorer. Copy the downloaded lock screen themes here: DEVICE_NAME -> Root -> Library -> Themes. Once installed, you can now apply it using Winterboard, a custom theme installer found in Cydia.