With Facebook’s 800+ million users, it is very likely that you could profit from those huge amount of user count. But the question here is: “Can it really generate money?”

There are already many articles about marketing case studies on Facebook. There are already examples of small business profits and boosts in ecommerce sales via Facebook sharing.

According to studies, there are several strategies companies use to do Facebook business effectively. There are 4 proven ways. Let’s look at those 4.

Advertising Based-Commerce

Facebook’s advertising platform is one massive way of profiting from Facebook. Having your company or business have an ad on Facebook can affect your income pretty much. Companies having ads on Facebook has grown 300% ROI on ecommerce sales from the 1st month of advertisement. Pretty amazing huh?

Fan Marketing Ecommerce

Fan marketing is selling to fans by posting from your page into their news feeds. The secret here is that you should be as visible as possible to your fans. Some businesses have taken the radical step to start entirely new pages and use Facebook ads to grow a new and more targeted fan base. With their more sophisticated and up-to-date understanding of how to engage fans, they achieve better results than they had with their old page.

Facebook Ads and SMS

24% of mobile marketers have found their campaign ROI met or exceeded their expectations, and 4% of all mobile users have responded to a coupon for a product or service.

A local store has boosted its revenue through the use of this method.  It posted information about free text message coupons to its Facebook fans. He earned a surprising  $65,000 additional store revenue.

Facebook Ads and Email

Email is pretty profitable nowadays especially if Facebook is in that equation.

By sending contest-based email campaigns integrated with social networking, one Fortune 500 company achieved a 400% increase in email open rate, click rates of 14%, and one-fifth of their email subscribers also became fans. This data comes from Steve Gaither, president of JB Chicago who uses this kind of method for extra profit.

Now, the question here is what method is most suitable for you. If you don’t want to experiment and gamble with fate, then try the 1st method first. There is no loss on using that kind of method. Do you have products or services that already sell well? Use Facebook ads to send more traffic to them.