App Store is a paradise for people who love changing and updating their applications. With over half a million applications, the App Store offers its users the best and most exciting applications. However there might be instances where you’ve accidentally purchased an app or the app you purchased didn’t work as advertised. In this case you are entitled to claim a refund from iTunes app store. So follow these steps on how to get a refund from the iTunes app store.

  1. Open iTunes on your computer and go to App Store.
  2. Go to your Apple ID in the upper right. Then enter your pass word and click on “View Account”
  3. To see purchased history, scroll down and click “See All”
  4. Choose the date that you made original purchase. On the left you will see an arrow icon, click it to see the date to expand the entry and select the app you to refund.
  5. Next to the app you want to refund, click “Report Problem”
  6. Choose a reason for requesting a refund from the drop-down menu then into the “Comment” box enter the detail.
  7. After you have selected a reason go ahead and click “Submit”.

It usually takes 48 hours for Apple customer service to respond to your request. So be patient and wait for your refund.