I am sure we all have our own collection of favorite CDs. As time goes by these CDs may not be in good condition anymore because it is always played. Duplicating and copying your cd is one of the best ways to make sure that even though the original copy is not working well anymore you still have backup copies of your favorite CDs. Copying CDs is not a hard thing to do but for Mac users copying CDs may take quite some time to do because the process is not as simple as copying CDs on PCs. Here’s a guide on how to copy your cd on Mac.

Step 1: Make a disk image from the CD you want to copy

  1. Insert the Cd you want to copy on your Mac
  2. Go to Finder, then open Applications, open Utilities and start the Disk Utility program.
  3. Go to Disk Utility then select File, then click New and Disk Image from Folder
  4. When Finder appears click Select whole CD and click the Image button.
  5. When the dialog box appears choose Desktop in the Where box then choose DVD/CD master in the Image Format box.
  6. After this you can now click Save

Note: The disk image of your CD will be saved on your Desktop entitled with name of your CD and with a ‘.cdr” extension.

Step 2: Make a new CD from a disk image

  1. Remove the original CD from your Mac
  2. Go back to Disk Utility Program
  3. Your disk image should appear on the left hand side at the bottom of the list. “Select the image and click the Burn button.
  4. When requested put a blank CD and just follow the instructions.

Read these steps properly before you start copying your CD on your Mac to avoid unnecessary problems. Good luck!