Aside from the iPhone, iPad is my next favorite gadget from Apple. Apple really did a great job with this gadget because users can perform a lot of function through its applications like reading e-books, playing music and games, editing pictures and of course browsing the internet. Watching videos on youtube using an iPad is enjoyable because of its big screen and it is not a hassle to bring it anywhere. So just imagine how fun it would be if you can watch movies on your iPad. So just follow the steps bellow on hot to put movies on you iPad.

  1. First of all you have to download and install a DVD conversion software to your computer. Handbrake and Imtoo iPad Mate are the common used programs to convert DVD to be synced onto an iPad.
  2. Insert the DVD in the computers DVD-ROM drive
  3. iPad can play H.264, MPEG-4 and M-JPEG video files so convert the DVD into these video files and save on your computer’s desktop.
  4. Using the USB cable of your iPad connect the iPad to the computer
  5. Then launch iTunes
  6. On the side bar click the “Movies” tab
  7. Drag the video file into iTunes
  8. On the side bar click the “iPad” tab
  9. Near the top of the menu select the “Movies” tab
  10. Check the “Sync Movies” box
  11.  To sync the movie to your iPad just click on “Sync”

There you go just 11 easy steps to put movies on your iPad. Happy watching!