Cydia is the free App Store of jailbroken iPhones and iPod Touches. So first, before you can acquire this, you need to jailbreak your phone first with the corresponding jailbreaking software to your firmware.
When jailbroken, Cydia already comes pre-installed to your phone.
Now, how to use your Cydia at its utmost abilities? I’ll show you how.

  1. Upgrade your Cydia
  2. As Cydia is always frequently updated, you need to ofcourse update it too for bug fixing reasons. You will be noticed by an ‘Essential Upgrade’ after you fire up Cydia.These are upgrades to that may be required by new package and apps.

    • Press Upgrade Essential
    • Press confirm to start downloading and installation
    • Wait for it to Complete and press Close Window
    • Press Home Key and re-open Cydia
  3. Updating Applications
  4. If you’ve installed a number of apps already, it may not take too long before you see updates for your installed apps. A notification will appear on the Changes menu. TO upgrade your installed apps, do the following:

    • Press Changes
    • Press Upgrade All(top right corner of the screen)
    • Press Confirm to begin Download and Installation

  5. Installing New Applications
  6. We love amazing apps. That’s the reason why we keep on downloading them and use the on our Apple device. These are the steps to install an app over Cydia:

    • Press Install [found at the bottom part of Cydia
    • Browse through categories and click on your desired category
    • Click on your desired app
    • Press install on the top right of your screen
    • Press confirm to begin download and installation
    • Press Close Window after installation is done
  7. Removing or Reinstalling Application
  8. Once you are already bored with an app, we tend to delete it. To uninstall an app on Cydia, do the following steps:

    • Open Cydia
    • Press Manage
    • Scroll and Find the app you want to uninstall
    • Click on it
    • Press Modify [top right of your scree]
    • Press Delete [you could choose for reinstall if there are bugs on the app]
    • Press Confirm to start uninstalling
    • After completion, press Home button to return to your Home screen
  9. Searching Application
  10. To have a quicker search without going through a hell of categories, do the following:

    • Press Search
    • Type part of the application name or description in the search box at top