One of the major concerns when you are changing your phone is the transfer of your files, contacts, photos and music to your new phone. If you are an iPhone user and planning on changing your iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy transferring your music from your iPhone to Galaxy will be a great concern especially when you have downloaded or purchased songs on iTunes. Syncing iTunes to Samsung device is your next option but this process is annoying because of the DRM Protection. So to be able to transfer your music from iTunes to a Samsung Galaxy the DRM protection from your iTunes must be disabled.
Aimersoft DRM Converter is a strong DRM Remove Software and DRM converter which is aimed on eliminating DRM protection for both protected music files and convert DRM files to normal files.

  1. Load iTunes media files by clicking “Add” button and transfer iTunes music into the program. All DRM protected iTunes files can be dragged and transferred to the program too.
  2. Convert music by clicking “Audio file to” and choose .MP3 as the file format.
  3. Start to convert iTunes to Galaxy by clicking on “Start” to remove DRM and convert iTunes to Galaxy. Once the DRM conversion is finished select “Find Target” to find the converted songs.

So remember it is important to remove iTunes DRM protection for this process to work. There is a lot of DRM software in the net that is available for download.