I’ve got to say that Samsung Galaxy S2’s 16GB internal memory is one of reason why it on of bestselling phones of Samsung. It is actually so generous of Samsung to offer this much internal memory for its users to enjoy. So how do you fill up this much memory? Of course music comes first right out your mind. With 16GB you can put as much music as you want and I bet you can’t still fill up that 16GB memory. So here are some easy steps to put music on your Samsung Galaxy S2.

  1. You will need your USB cable to connect your phone to your PC or laptop.
  2. Your computer will locate your phone and it will often show up as “GT-19100”, double click it and the find the “Samsung” folder. The “Samsung” folder should have a music folder in it if not go ahead a create one.
  3. Then copy and paste your music from your computer to your “music” folder.

Note: Before transferring music to your Samsung Galaxy S2 check out the list of formats which Android supports: