Did you know that water damage is not covered by the AppleCare? So be careful not to drop your iPhones or iPod Touch in the water because Mac cannot help you with that. Not only for iPhones but I guess for all other mobile phones water damage is a serious problem mainly because it is hard to control the spread of water or even moisture inside your phone. Not all iPhones can be saved from water damage but below are some procedures on how to fix water damaged iPhone.

Step 1

It’s important to disconnect any cables attached to your phone and immediately turn it off. DO NOT turn on your phone and DO NOT press any buttons to avoid further damage to your phone.

Step 2

Using the Sim Card removal tool, remove the Sim Card from you iPhone. Gently dry the Sim Card with a soft cloth or with a microfiber cloth. Then keep it in a safe place.

Step 3

Using a microfiber cloth or a super absorbent cloth wipe water marks or visible dampness form your iPhone. Gently shake your iPhone to check for more water and wipe it away.

Step 4

The main point of this step is to force moisture out from your iPhone so set your hair dryer to cool setting and blow air into the openings of your iPhone for 15 minutes. It is important not to put in heat on your iPhone because this might damage delicate adhesive inside your iPhone, so if your hair dryer does not have a cool setting do not attempt to use it. A handheld vacuum is a good alternative to remove moisture from your iPhone.

Step 5

Get a zippered plastic bag full of rice and put your iPhone in the bag. Make sure that your iPhone is covered with rice. Do not fully close bag, instead leave a small opening so that humidity can escape. The rice will help draw out moisture from your iPhone without damaging it. Keep the bag in a cool dry place.

Step 6

Let your iPhone stay in the bag of rice for 24 hours and change the rice and leave it for another 24 hours. You can do this cycle for at least 3 days. Patience is the key!

Step 7

The time has come to turn on your iPhone. Put your Sim Card in and check if you can get any reception. Check you iPhone buy trying several applications. If it’s working then you did it! If not take your iPhone to the Apple Store for repair.
Like what I said earlier these producer may or may not work depending on the damage of your iPhone. So just be careful and give your iPhone some TLC because iPhones are expensive to replace.