How to convert pdf to word
Sometimes in PDF files, there are some minor errors that we want to change. The problem is, we can’t edit a pdf file. We need to make it editable. Sounds strange? Hell no. There is a way to edit. Just like conversion in videos, we’ll convert our pdf file to the editable .doc or .docx file.
Now, how do we do that? I’ll show you how.

Online Conversion (

Go to your browser and go to the website which is capable of converting our pdf file into a doc file. There you will find a Browse button next to Step 1. Click it. Choose the file from your directory in which you want to convert. By default, Step 2 will be set to DOC format. You can change it to any type you want, but of course, our goal here is to make it a doc format. Anyways, the other format you are able to convert into are TXT, HMTL, RTF, etc. Type in your e-mail address to receive the converted file to your email. You will be able to download it there.

After receiveing the download link of the converted file, download it. I have tried complex type of PDFs in conversion. It has never failed my expectations as it converted it all with accuracy.

Use of software (Free PDF to Word Doc Converter)

I saw this software being recommended by CNET. So I think that I might recommend it here. Download the file here. After installing it, run it. This is pretty straight forward, find the pdf file you want to convert into a doc file. Then select the path of the output file. You can also set what pages to convert into a doc file and retain images on the pdf file. Once finished, click convert and voila, it is done.

It seems like there are many negative feedbacks and rants about the software. Complains like unretained images, unretained font styles, bulleted items aren’t retained, etc. Anyways, you are editing it. So it is not a big deal after all.