Aside from calling and texting the next use of a mobile phone now is being able to surf the net using WiFi. Samsung Monte has a capacitive touchscreen display, 3.2megapixcel camera, A-GPS and WiFi and Bluetooth. Unlike other smart phones using WiFi on Samsung Monte may not be as simple but don’t be afraid because it is still doable. Here are the steps on how to use WiFi on Samsung Monte.

  1. Click Wi-Fi from the menu
  2. To activate the W-Fi click the circle in the center
  3. To look for Wi-Fi networks, click Wi-Fi—Search then select a network icon and then add a connection profile.
  4. Just select Advance settings if the network needs an IP address, subnet mask, DNS, or gateway information.
  5. Go to Menu mode and select Internet, Communities or idle mode then select a web based widget. Using the connected WLAN profile you phone will now connect to the network.

Connect to a Wi-Fi using a protected access point.

  1. Go to Menu mode the tap on WiFi then Search
  2. Tap a WPS icon the click on ADD
  3. For WPS enter the PIN depending on the AP device type
  4. Enter a Pin on the AP device then click on Start within 2 minutes.

After you’ve made all the required settings your Samsung Monte should be ready to connect to a WiFi and you now start surfing the internet with your Samsung Monte.