Screenshots are the easiest way to share information from your phone. I like surfing the internet with my phone and whenever I see something I like or read something that is very interesting I take a screenshot of the page. But did you know that most Android phones require Root access and an app to take a screenshots? You may be wondering what Root access is. Root access is the process allowing Android users to have privilege control within Android’s subsystem but with Samsung Galaxy there is no need to root access your phone or download an app to screenshot your phone’s display. How do we then take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy? There are two very easy techniques to take a screenshot of your phone.

Technique 1

  1. To take a screenshot of your phone just Press down the POWER button and HOME button at the same.
  2.  A message will appear on the screen confirming that your screenshot is saved to Camera shots. Check your directory/Pictures/Screenshots or your Gallery to check the image.

Technique 2

  1. Go and select the MENU button then click SETTINGS
  2. Click Motion
  3. You will see under “Hand Motion” settings, then check the box “Palm swipe to Capture” .
  4.  By moving you palm on the screen form right to left or left to right, you can now capture the image on your screen. Check Gallery app to see the images you have taken.

Now just chose from these two very easy techniques for screenshot and share you pictures to the world!