I’m sure we all have contacts listed on our phonebooks that we hardly look at for the simple reason that we don’t talk to that particular person often or we unknowingly collected the contacts through the years and we don’t need them anymore and just want to get rid of all the contacts and just start all over again. Deleting your contacts on by one is not an option when you are using a Galaxy Nexus because it might take a while for you to clean up your phonebook. So how do we delete all the contacts on Galaxy Nexus? There a lot of tutorials that teach you how to delete your contacts one by one but here you will find several options on how to delete all you contacts on your Galaxy Nexus.
The first two methods may not work for all Android phones because these may be deactivated on some networks and Android versions. These methods will only delete all your contacts from your phone memory and NOT the contacts from your Sim Card.

  1. Click on Settings, got to Applications then Manage Applications. At the top chose “All”. Scroll down to Contacts Storage then B21 Clear Data to delete all your contacts.
  2. Go and Select Contacts, click Menu then Delete. At the top press “Select all” then click on Delete.
  3. Go to Settings, Accounts and sync. Unclick Background data and Auto-sync. Then go to your personal account where your phone is synced and from there you can delete all your contacts. Make sure to re-sync your phone after you deleted all your contacts.
  4. This method is the easiest and should be your last resort. Download the App called “Delete All Contacts”

Just chose from these 4 easy methods to delete all your contacts on your Galaxy Nexus and reenter your important contacts to your Galaxy Nexus.