All important and legal files are now created in the computer. Nobody uses a typewriter to type documents these days. All you need is your computer and Microsoft word to work with all your documents. But have you experienced working on legal documents? When you have parts on the document that needs a signature? It is really such a hassle to work on the document, print the document, have it signed, scan the document with the signature and send it to the recipient. Now if you’re always working with legal documents this cycle can be annoying and can waste a lot of time. Actually there’s a shorter way to put a signature in a Word document that is if you scan the signature as a graphic file and insert the graphic file on the document you are working on. But using your scanned graphic signatures can put a lot of space between the information or the location where you want to put the signature and it will look like you really didn’t sign the document. So how do we create a decent looking signature in Word? Well here are some simple steps you can try.

Step 1

Sign a plain white paper then scan your signature as a graphic file. To make your signature look more real you may want to edit the graphic and just select only your signature. Paint is a really basic program that works well with this.

  • Now to select the signature, open the original scanned graphic in Word, point and click the cursor on the graphic to select the signature. (Ctrl+C) to Copy, change to Paint (Alt+Tab) and Paste (Ctrl+V) the image into Paint.
  • Onto the white background select the outside of the image and drag the sides and corners of the white background to remove excess from the image
  • Save the file as graphic file (jpg, tif). Go to Save as then at the bottom of File Name you will see a drop down then Save as type.

Step 2

Go to the part where you want to insert your signature it could be a signature line or just a tabbed underline. Then go to Menu click on Insert, choose Insert Picture from File. Your directory will then appear for you to choose your graphic signature.

Step 3

After you selected your signature graphic remember to only resize of adjust the size of your signature from the corner of the box. Resizing from the bottom, top or sides will only deform your signature. So ONLY resize from the corner to maintain the proportion of your signature.

Step 4

Using your mouse select your graphic signature, right click then click on Text Wrapping after this scroll to click Behind Text.

Step 5

To place where you exactly want your signature to be select the graphic signature by left clicking on your mouse, hold down the left mouse button to navigate your signature to the exact location you want it to go.
Your graphic signature will go anywhere you want it to go without changing or moving the text around the signature. The line will be completely visibly without having letters go under the graphic. For security purposes convert your Word document to .pdf before sending the document out to protect you signature. If you fail to do this your signature graphic can easily be copied and saved by anyone.