Denon’s AVR 1912 is a surround sound amp which allows you to combine different input channels in just one system. The AVR-1912 can take input from blu-ray/DVD, disc player and Apple’s AirPlay service. Denon Avr is quite popular for is its capability to support Apple’s AirPlay service and iTunes store as well. Denon restores the material that was compressed on the high end of MP3 so you can get a good output. Here’s how to use AirPlay on Denon Avr.

  1. Hook up your iPod or iPhone on the Denon’s front-mounted USB input directly and operate it through the amp’s remote control.
  2. Wait for the AirPlay logo to appear on your Apple device then select AVR-1912 and Denon should automatically switch to this mode. Compared to wired connection expect a slight change in the sound quality.

AirPlay also offer WiFi 802.11 n capability for which Apple is noted for. AV-1912 is almost an integrated part of the Apple family making iPhone, iPad and iTunes compatible with its system. So with these 2 easy steps you can take full advantage of Denon’s AirPlay feature.