Playbook is Blackberry’s very own version of a tablet. This tablet has made a lot of Blackberry and Anroid users curios because of Playbook’s capability to run Android apps. Before you all get excited there is bad and good news about Blackberry Playbook. Let’s start with the bad news, bad news is there are still a lot of Android applications that are not available in Blackberry App World due to a couple reasons like the approval of the apps but the good news is while the apps are not yet available there is another way to put these apps on your Playbook. Sideloading is the process that allows you to get all the nice apps. Sideloading requires properly converted Android apps from their native .APK files to .BAR files; and these native files will be sideloaded using a third party tool. Generally this process is safe for your Playbook and does not require a rooted device but you still have to be very careful because things can go wrong too. So carefully follow these steps on how to sideload Android apps on your blackberry playbook. Before we begin you will need a DDPB installer and a JRE for Windows 32 or JRE for Windows 64.

Step 1

Once you have your DDPB Installer, you will need to install it. Installing DDPB is very easy the procedure is the same as who you install other programs.

Step 2

This step is very important to this process because we will now be preparing your playbook. If you don’t do this step this process will not work. For the sidelaoding process to work your PlayBook should be in development mode. Go to Settings, Security then Development Mode. Select “Development Mode” and you will see “ Use Development Mode”, Turn On the slider right next to “Use Development Mode”. When the “Use Development Mode” is On you have to enter and confirm a password.
At the top right of your notification bar you will see an icon that looks like a person. If you see this icon this means that you have enabled development mode and prepared you PlayBook for Sideloading.

Step 3

Using your USB connect the PlayBook to your computer, if your PlayBook has a password just enter the password for it on the computer. Then Open DDPB Installer.
Select the “Scan” button for the program to find your Playbook’s IP address. If this does not work see tips section for instructions. Then the password you created when you enabled Development Mode in step 2, enter your password.
Tap on “Connect” and give it time to connection to your PlayBook. At the section to the bottom left it will show your PIN number and OS version this how you verify that it has found your Playbook.

Click “Add” to open the browser window where you will need to browse to the converted .apk file. The selected file you want to open will be added to the “App List On PC” section and then make sure to select the box next to bar file you want to load

Then select on “Install”. To know if you have completely installed the application a new window will appear to give you the percentage that is complete. That’s the end of the process. Now you can sideload Android apps to your PlayBook!

Try to carefully follow these 3 steps of sideloading apps on your BlackBerry PlayBook to enjoy more Android apps!