There is a vast variety off iPhone application available for iPhone users, like music apps, fitness apps, camera applications etc. You can go crazy with all these amazing apps. The saying “the more, the merrier” is a perfect saying when it comes to having applications. The more apps you have means you can play and have a lot of fun using all these different applications. But having a lot of applications on your iPhone may cause you trouble too. Developers of these applications offer an updated version of their apps to their users and sometimes these apps just automatically update and this may sometimes happen when you are working on something on our iPhone or downloading a new application that is taking so long or has frozen during the process. Here’s how to stop an app update and download on your iPhone.

  1. One the bottom front of the phone tap the “Home” button to pause any update or download for that particular program.
  2. Go to “Settings” then look for the “Airplane Mode” .Turn “On” Airplane Mode. By turning on Airplane Mode automatically stops any cellular and internet programs that are running therefor this will stop the download.
  3. Turn off your iPhone by holding down the power button then “Slide to Power Off”.

After these steps turn on your iPhone and start downloading the apps again. If you want to stop automatic app updates on your iPhone you can delete and reinstall each application and before downloading make sure NOT to accept rights/ privileges to receive future updates for the application.