EBooks are becoming more popular these days especially for Apple users because it so convenient to read EBooks on your iPad,iTouch and iPhone. Download iBooks to purchase your favorite books. iBooks offers more than 700,000 EBooks available for purchase. If you don’t have a budget to spend on some books there are some free iPhone applications for reading EBooks.  Here are the 3 best iPhone app for reading eBooks.

B&N eReader

This Barnes& Noble app is free. This book selling giant offers five classic e-books and also a free copy of Meriam-Webster’s Pocket Dictionary. What’s cool about this app is that any titles you download are all stored in the cloud, this means you can access your eBooks from a Mac or PC.

Kindle for iPhone

This free application is for people that have bought into the Kindle environment because it offers Amazon’s “Whispersync” feature.  This feature lets switching between the Kindle device and Kindle for iPhone smooth and easy. This means you can read any chapter of the book on the train, bus or taxi and when you get home your Kindle will allow you to pick up from your last page. Now isn’t that convenient?


Stanza offers 50,000 free eBooks of Project Gutenberg and Feedbooks, it also offers the same number of titles that can be availed through partner stores. Some of the features of this Amazon owned app is the option to slide your fingers to go to the next page for that on the paper book experience.  You can also change the background of the “page” to black or white so you can still read in the dark.

There are a lot of EBooks applications available to make reading your favorite EBooks on your iPhone easy and fun, you just have to explore your options.